Mechanical, Mechatronics Projects, Ideas

A reference list of readily available, latest and ongoing mechanical, mechatronics projects for final year with complete implementation, abstracts/synopsis based on latest technologies/platforms and comprehensive guidance.

Below videos have been collated from online source (YouTube) to give you ideas about various Mechanical & Mechatronics projects for BTech/MTech Final Year. These videos are meant for educational and informational purposes only. Our actual, customized implementation of these ideas (as demonstrated in the videos) may vary depending upon your overall project requirements.


High-quality, Innovative, Advanced final year Mechanical & Mechatronics project ideas


MOTORISED OBJECT LIFTING JACK: The object lifting jack works with the help of gear motors and worm gear arrangement to lift the objects. The modified version can even lift a car using the same principle.

KEY CONTROLLED- FORK LIFTER: A fork-lifter lifts the floor items and places them at the required space as instructed by the key controls.

MATERIAL HANDLING (X, Y, and Z MOTION CONTROL): A switch controlled material handling mechanical assembly that can pick or place the goods in all three axis using three gear motors. 

STEPPER MOTOR CONTROL FOR CONVEYOR BELT: An automatic system that moves the stepper motor for bottle vending/material dispenser control system.

OBJECT REJECTION & COUNTING MACHINE: A conveyor belt based project that carries goods of different height or material. The object-rejection setup removes the item from the moving belt if it does not fulfill a prerequisite condition.

ROBOTIC ARM WITH GRIPPER: A 3-geared motor setup of robotic arm is an interesting project under material handling. Six key operations control the whole setup of the model.

PNEUMATIC/HYDRAULIC ROBOTIC ARM: The air pressure is the base behind this project to move the robotic arm in order to grip, lift and rotate the required material to be handled. A mini compressor will create the air pressure.

PNEUMATIC/HYDRAULIC CRANE: The air pressure is the base behind this project to move the arm to pick and lift the material handling crane. A mini compressor will create the air pressure.

PNEUMATIC/HYDRAULIC JACK: The air pressure will lift the material using a single piston. The up and down valves will control the whole operation. A mini compressor will create the air pressure.

ROBOTIC CRANE: A dual-motor crane to lift material from ground level and place the material at the other side by a moving arm using other motor. One can put the whole crane on a robotic vehicle with another two motors as moving crane for material handling.

ROBOTIC TROLLEY FOR MATERIAL HANDLING: This trolley can be implanted on rough surface to carry a material and drop it at a specific area.

AUTOMATIC STAMPING AND SORTING MACHINE FOR POST CARDS: This machine with a conveyor belt will check the four major cities and sort the post cards in their corresponding boxes with auto-stamping on it.


WIND MILL: The actual wind mill model that produces electrical energy from wind and charges the battery to run an inverter directly.

SOLAR SUN SEEKER: It actually tracks the sun as per its position and moves or adjusts the solar cell/water heating plates accordingly so as to get the maximum power from sunlight.

THERMAL POWER PLANT USING STEAM: Steam energy is alternatively used to generate electrical energy. A traditional arrangement commonly used by any thermal plant but still very useful to display as teaching aid.

HYDEL POWER DAM: A device setup that generates electrical energy from flowing water. The model comprises of a pump, water reservoir and an alternator to generate electrical energy.

ELECTRICAL ENERGY FROM AMUSEMENT PARK RIDES (SEE-SAW, SWING, SLIDE, ROLLER): The different amusement rides can be designed to generate electrical energy in real-time while people or children are using the rides in the park.

ELECTRICAL ENERGY FROM SPEED BREAKER: This can be designed to generate electrical energy when vehicles cross the speed-breaker that is in turn connected with an alternator.

PADDLE CONTROLLED MOBILE CHARGER CUM EMERGENCY LIGHT: It works as we do cycling for exercise. Besides charging a mobile battery, it burns extra calories too. Further it can modified to churn anything.

HYBRID CHIMNEY: The dual natural energy sources such as, Wind and Sun energy are used to generate electrical energy using this concept. A good alternate source of energy for areas like deserts or barren land, where sunlight is available but mild wind flow is also there.

SOLAR POWERED REFRIGERATOR: Compressor-less refrigerator to provide 12-15 degrees temperature while cooling and also used to heat (if required) with the same Thermo-EMF peltier junction based system. Works using 12V battery to be charged with solar cells/panel.

ELECTRICAL ENERGY FROM COMPRESSED AIR: This ‘AIR GENERATOR’ generates electrical energy from the air stored in a storage chamber using suitable air compressor.

ELECTRICITY FROM D.J. DANCE FLOOR: An alternate source of energy that can be generated using modified dance floor through pressure-sensor-based electricity generators.

WIND BELT: Another alternate energy generation to charge battery by low power wind, say simple fan, etc. A moving belt vibrates when wind strikes it from any side.The magnets on both ends make the generation of electrical energy possible.


ROBOTIC CAR WITH SENSORS: This is a simple geared, motorized vehicle with free wheel at front will always take right turn when the Infrared sensors sense any obstacle in front. An emergency brake can be applied, if required.

JOYSTICK CONTROLLED ROBOTIC CRANE WITH UP/DOWN PULLEY ARRANGEMENT AND CIRCULAR MOTION: This is an interesting project in the field of material handling. A moving trolley carries a circular disc type-rotating platform with crane arm. It moves in 360 degrees.

LINE TRACER INDUSTRIAL VEHICLE: A material handling vehicle to carry goods in industry and that follow black line to follow. Any obstacle in front will stop the vehicle to avoid any accident by using IR or ultrasonic sensors.

ROBOTIC RADAR SYSTEM: This robotic radar moves 180 degrees, carries an IR or light sensor fires with an electromechanical gun if finds some object.

ROBOTIC FIRE BRIGADE TROLLEY: This robotic, motorized trolley carries a water tank with it and works automatically i.e. sprinkles water if it finds fire in its route.

ROBOTIC LIFT/ESCALATOR: This electromechanical system controls the model with key operations for its clockwise and anti-clockwise movements. It may also be controlled automatically with human sensor to save energy.


PC BASED SEWER LINE CLEANING ROBOT: It is a 3D moving circular cleaner that rotates and cleans the inner surfaces of sewer pipes and communicates with the PC of its presence, etc.

PC BASED ROBOTIC TROLLEY: A single/double stepper motor based trolley with an additional motor will run in straight direction to load/unload the material handling. One can select the stoppage as per requirement and it automatically returns back if any obstruction comes in its path.

PC BASED INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINE: An animated software project shows the working of combustion engine and the hardware connected will actually show the RPM (Rotations-per-minute) of engine.

PC BASED LIFT/ELEVATOR CONTROL: A useful project for all multistory buildings to monitor lift operation and control same from lift switches as well as computer keyboard (both). The PC screen will show the graphical representation of the lift up/down movement. Operates with single stepper or geared motor control.

PC BASED DISTANCE MEASUREMENT ROBOT: The IR based robotic trolley with to and fro movement can travel in a straight pipe to measure the distance travelled till the obstruction comes.

PC BASED LATHE MACHINE CONTROL: A CNC machine control system to operate two stepper motors in a desired mode to cut a work piece in specific shape and size.

PC BASED AUTO BRAKING SYSTEM: A unique project for automobiles/vehicles that senses the RPM of the engine and automatically applies the brakes if vehicle-speed exceeds a defined limit.

PC BASED FORK LIFTER: This forklifter lifts the floor items and places them at the required space as instructed by the computer using stepper motor.

PC BASED EARTHQUAKE PROOF BUILDING: The center of gravity of a building can be controlled (through motors) by a moving weights placed on the rooftop. The PC will sense the earthquake and the weight will move accordingly.

PC BASED STICKER/PAPER CUTTING MACHINE: This PC based parallel-port-interfaced cutter and motor control circuit will cut the paper or sticker according to one’s requirement.

PC BASED THREAD/COIL WINDING MACHINE: This PC based automatic thread winding machine needs the no. of turns required as input. The cutters will automatically cut as the desired output.

PC BASED CONTINUOUS WELDING VEHICLE: AGV controlled with computer will follow the routes specified once using keyboard and further it will follow the same to work as continuous welding vehicle or Fire brigade vehicle or material handling vehicle to drop things.

PC BASED DYE CUTTING: A CNC based automatic system controlled with digital circuit or PC controlled that operates two motors to do the job for up/down of the tool and movement of the base sheet to cut.

PC BASED HELICOPTER CONTROL: This PC based system controls the top fan and tail fan with balance movement when you would like to fly.

PC BASED JOINT ASSEMBLY PROJECT: A mechanical graphic project to plot two types of joints i.e. cotter & knuckle. The hardware assembly can be connected as per the requirement.

PC BASED AUTO PACKET VENDING MACHINE: The packets/juice cans or any other items can be vended by putting password in the computer.

PC BASED ROBOTIC SWEEPER: The PC controlled sweeper will perform the job as per schedule and the area/route defined.

PC BASED ATM MACHINE: One can open the account and get the hard money in the shape of coins.

PC BASED PROGRAMMABLE PAINT MACHINE: A PC based programmable paint machine is a CNC type system that completes its work as per schedule or task given.

PC BASED CAR PARKING MONITOR: A 20-car parking monitor cum control system that checks and enters the time and registration no. of each car during the Entry and Exit with IR/LASER sensors at the gate. "Parking-Full" indication is also provisioned.

PC/MECHINICAL BASED TIME OPERATED FOIL BENDING/"DONA" MAKING MACHINE: The stepper-motor based system that manufactures/processes time-operated system like bending machine.

PC BASED 3D XYZ AXIS MOTOR (MATRIX) CONTROL: Two stepper motors can be controlled jointly with the single command operation to operate two (X,Y) axis motions to form a matrix at PC screen and a geared motor can be manually operated to lift or release the material picked by hook or electromagnet.

PC BASED SCREW/DRILL SYSTEM: This 2-stepper-motor-controlled system either uses to screw with the moving bolt jack arrangement or it can be used to drill up to desired depth at a specific space.

PC BASED HEIGHT MEASUREMENT TOOL: A rotating disk operated with stepper motor stops at
every 180 degrees and measures the height of the object.


REGENERATIVE BRAKING SYSTEM: The system will generate electrical energy while the wheel is about to stop when applying brakes. The model comprises a moving-wheel arrangement with induction braking system that creates regeneration of electrical energy to charge the battery again in order to save energy about 20%.

INDUCTION BRAKING: An alternate electomagnetic braking arrangement to stop the vehicle without wear 'n' tear of shoe brakes. It can be used by the industries to stop machines using switch brakes.

ANTI-LOCK SENSOTRONIC BRAKING SYSTEM: The concept behind this project is to demonstrate the wheel braking by electronic system with change in brake's timing using simple shoe brake.

PROPELLER BASED FORMULA CAR: A 2.5 CC or 3.2 CC diesel engine working on the mixed blend of Kerosene, Ether Solvent and Castor Oil with manual start and will rotate the propeller blade in front of car. The air pressure provides the power to run this formula car . An RF remote control unit can be used to provide direction on either side.

DIESEL ENGINE BASED CLUTCH-CONTROLLED CAR: A 2.5 CC or 3.2 CC diesel engine work on the mix blend of Kerosene, Ether Solvent and Castor Oil with manual start will rotate provides the power to run this Car . A clutch arrangement operates on RF link will control the whole assembly for speed and direction on either side.

DIESEL ENGINE LOCOMOTIVE MODEL: A 2.5 CC or 3.2 CC diesel engine working on the mixed blend of Kerosene, Ether Solvent and Castor Oil with manual start will rotate the gears assembly that provides the power to run this locomotive engine. The whole structure can be placed on rail tracks.

PROPELLER/MOTORISED MONORAIL: This simple propeller based vehicle will run on the principle of air-propelled ion. The speed of vehicle is directly propotional to the speed of propeller blades.

PNEUMATIC TRANSPORT SYSTEM: An age-old technique can be used again to transport the low-weight material from one place to another in industries.

HYDRAULIC BRAKES: A same mechanical system that uses fluid as pressure to move the brake shoes in moving wheels for braking systems.

HYBRID CAR - ENGINE AND DC MOTOR OPERATED DUAL POWER CAR: A 2.5 CC or 3.2 CC diesel engine working on the mixed blend of Kerosene, Ether Solvent and Castor Oil with manual start will rotate the propeller blade in front of car and the air pressure provides the power to run this Formula Car. The solar cells on the top provide additional power to charge battery and it will also run the car to save fuel. An RF remote control unit can be used to provide direction on either side.

WIRELESS TYRE PRESSURE GAUGE: The microcontroller-based project sends data from tube/tyre rim to the dash board for the pressure of each tube. One can read the outputted values at the attached LCD on the project.

DRIVER-LESS CAR: The three wheeler car that senses the path at its own (or follow black line at the surface). It will aply brakes in case someone comes in front of it or changes the path left or right as per the requirement.

HYDRAULIC BRAKING SYSTEM FOR CAR/INDUSTRIAL APPLICATION : The paddle-operated or IR-sensor-operated hydraulic braking system with piston and oil chamber connected to a motorized rotating wheel.

STEERING CONROLLED HEADLIGHT: The four wheeler usually finds difficulty to drive in hills specially at sharp turns. This model will help to change the focus of headlight as the steering moves on either direction.

ENGINE/MOTOR VIBRATION CHECKER: The microcontroller based setup reads the vibration of engine or motor. This helps to tune the engine to get maximum efficiency with fuel savings.

IR AUTO BRAKING: A simple auto braking in material handling robot that stops automatically when the obstacle comes in between. It creates a switch, induction or paddle brake to apply for stopping the vehicle.

AUTOMATIC SEAT BELT: An innovative idea to automate the seat belt locking system using motor with parallel gear arrangement along with timer circuit. The arrangement itself is attached inside the car to provide the facility.

ACTUAL CAR LIFTING JACK - A MOTORISED JACK: It actually lifts the car using its own car battery as power source.

ELECTROMAGNETIC SHOCK ABSORBER: A modified shock absorber that activates automatically when it senses the pothholes on the road. It comprises road sensors that provide instant response to act while driving.

STEERING BY WIRE: A DC geared motorized arrangement to replace existing steering system by switch arrangement.

HYDRAULIC/COMPRESSED AIR BASED LIFTING JACK: An air engine provides pressure to uplift the jack comprising of piston filled with oil.

HOVER CRAFT USING ENGINE: A 2.5 CC or 3.2 CC diesel engine working on the mixed blend of Kerosene, Ether Solvent and Castor Oil with manual start will rotate the propeller blade and the air pressure provides the power to run the Hover Craft. An RF remote control unit can be used to provide direction on either side.

AIR PROPELLED MOTOR BOAT: A DC motor operated boat operates on propeller blade and the air pressure provides the power to run the boat. An RF remote control unit can be used to provide direction on either side.

AMPHIBEAN ROBOTIC CAR: The air-propelled or water-propelled boat-cum-car concept that runs on water and land both. The RF modules can be placed to control the same remotely.

MICROCONTROLLER AT-89C51 BASED AUTO GEAR SHIFTING SYSTEM: The circuit shows the demo of auto shifting of gears using stepper motor with the change in speed of vehicle. One can change the speed of DC motor as actual vehicle running wheel.

MICROCONTROLLER AT-89C51 BASED AUTO SPEED LIMITER WITH AUTO BRAKING: The project is to read the RPM of a automobile and according to that it limits the speed as "Speed Governor". One can change the speed with variable control.

DIGITAL AUTO SPEED LIMITER: For limiting the automobile's speed if a school or hospital comes in its way.

ELECTROMECHANICAL BRAKE : A moving wheel with permanent magnets will change the flux at the outer ring. The electromagnets can produce electrical energy to charge battery or can be used to make brake on that wheel.

SOLAR TRICYCLE FOR KIDS: It runs on DC motor placed under the seat with chain drive. The mains-operated charger with solar-power-charging option is an added attraction of this model.

SOLAR TOY CAR: The solar panel charges the battery. From this rechargeable battery a DC geared motor drives the mini toy car. RF remote operation for steering control is also an optional attachment.

COLLAPSIBLE STEERING MECHANISM: The model shows the basics of steering system with collapsible mechanism. The project consist of two front wheels with a steering system and an attachment for collapsible parts in case of frontal accident.

HYBRID MOTORBIKE: The ordinary bike can be converted into hybrid vehicle as the bike battery will provide power as alternative source when it gets fully charged.

FOUR WHEEL STEERING SYSTEM: The driving on the hills will get more easy with this mechanism.

CONTINUOUS VARIABLE TRANSMISSION: A new technique to run a vehicle without using clutch to change the speed in continuous mode.

ELECTROMAGNETIC BRAKE USING BRAKE SHOE: The electromaganet will expand the brake shoes to activate the braking machanism. More the current, easy to (apply) brakes.


• Landing gear mechanism
• Jet engine model
• Electromagnetic rotary engine model
• SolenoideEngine
• Design and wind tunnel testing (Wind measuring device)
• Flapping wing mechanism
• Spy-copter
• Hoverbot
• Wind turbine
• Automation in landing system
• Wind tunnel test management for aircraft
• PC based radar control system
• Automatic missile trigger system


• Multi Channel Temperature Monitor for Surgery
• Portable Computer-Aided Drug Dispenser
• Development of an Exhaled Breath Condensate System for use During Exercise
• Hospital Connecting System
• Weighing balance for Pharmaceutical industry
• Biomedical Health card design
• Automatic medicine announcement system
• Add on mixing chamber for mechanical ventilator
• Multi-IV Fluid feed system
• Pulse rate monitor
• Short Range Medical Telemetry System
• Audible Thermometer
• Fiber optic transmission of biomedical parameters
• Patient monitoring system
• Blood-flow meter
• Automatic Defibrillator
• EEG Monitor & Analyzer
• ECG Monitor & Analyzer
• EMG Monitor & Analyzer
• Coordination Performance Tester
• Electro retinogram
• Telemetry With PC
• Internet Based Telemetry System
• Personal Identification and Verification Based on Multiple Biometric Features
• Face Detection Recognition and Tracking
• Personal Identification Based on Handwriting
• Biometric access control system
• Pre-processing of the iris image
• Biometric security system
• Personal Identification Based on Live Iris Recognition
• Human Gait Analysis and Recognition
• Treadmill
• Thermal Therapy Device
• Depth of Anesthesia Monitor
• Biomedical Application for Virtual-Reality
• Interactive audiometer
• Spiro meter
• Blood gas analyzer
• Blood-flow meter
• Mind Switch
• Incubator
• Syringe infusion Pump
• Pacemaker
• Bio-Tele monitoring
• Heart Beat Monitor
• Respiration Monitor
• Pressure Monitor
• Drips Monitor
• Home Healthcare Device
• Calorimeter
• Sweat Measurement System
• Walking Distance Monitor


LOCOMOTIVE COACH CLEANER: This concept shows how the locomotives can be washed from both sides using brush arrangement with motors.

EXERCISE/PSYCHOTHERAPY MACHINES: Numerous types of machines can be made under this topic with automation.

GAS BURNER TYPE WATER HEATER: The modified arrangement ot heat water with burner and gas cylinder. It saves 25 to 30% of LPG gas in comparison to ordinary gas stove to heat water.

COMPRESSOR LESS THERMO-EMF REFRIGERATOR: The fibre made box is being modified as simple compressor less refrigerator to provide 12 to 15 degrees temperature while cooling and is also used to heat (if required) with the same Thermo-EMF peltier junction based system.

DEEP FREEZER USING COMPRESSOR: A simple compressor based food stuff storage system with the top opening glass lid. The project shows the use of compressor in practical shape with voltmeter, ampere meter at display.

COOLING TOWER: The multi-layer cooling tower will cool the liquid or water with the help of water pump.

COMPRESSOR BASED SPRAY GUN: The mini electric compressor is used to spray the water colours.

PAPER SHREDDING MACHINE: The project will cut the papers in small pieces to make the use for packing etc.

SUN BLIND CONTROL: It control the movement of sun shade as per sunlight falling on the window.

HEAT EXCHANGER PIPES: The smart cooling system to cool the heat effected area required continuous cooling as on CPU of systems or machines that radiates heat.

ANALYSIS OF RECTANGULAR /TRIANGULAR FINS IN HEAT EXCHANGE MECHANISM: An arrangement will help to study the heat exchange efficiency using different types of fins in a rectangular heat pipe.

MOTORISED ELECTRIC AIR COMPRESSOR: The motorized arrangement with air pump to store air to be required later.

ENGINE BASED AIR COMPRESSOR: A 12000 RPM 2.5 CC or 3.2 CC diesel engine working on the mixed blend of Kerosene, Ether Solvent and Castor Oil with manual start will create sufficient air pressure to show the working.

360 DEGREE MOTION AIR FLOW COOLER WITH DUAL SIDE AIR FLOW: A smart cooler with moving blower that circulated the air in all 360 degree of motion all around.

DOOR OPENER: Automatic gate/Door opener that senses the human presence and opens the door with mechanical, motorized arrangement.

MOVING BRIDGE: The geared motor arrangement to lift the bridge on river in case of free movement of Ships/Boats.

CURTAIN MOVER: A mechanical arrangement with optional battery operated automatic remote controlled curtain movers. Useful for stage shows, etc.

TOFFEE/PACKET VENDING MACHINE: An automatic coin vending machine that gives you a packet (say Matchbox) or Toffee when you insert a 1  rupee coin in it. This is a timer based motorized, mechanical arrangement.

SOLENOID BASED HAMMER: A electro-mechanical arrangement with IR sensor in front to drill any hard surface area using solenoid coil arrangement.

TORQUE TESTING DEVICE: The device comprises a moving wheel with motor and an arrangement to check the torque of that motor to carry the weight, etc.

LIQUID DISPENSER MACHINE (WITH AIR CONTROL SYSTEM): The timer operated arrangement can be used to dispense liquid from the source to fill any liquid say milk/juice/petrol etc. This can be displayed using conveyor belt system to make the model more presentable.

AIR COMPRESSED SPRAY GUN (WITH ELECTRIC AIR PUMP): The air pump controlled spray gun for minor paint jobs normally required at automobile workshops or by artists.

SOLENOID BASED DRILLING/PUNCHING MACHINE WITH AUTOMATIC TIMER BASED IR SENSOR: A good project/concept for automation in mechanical using a drilling or punching system that operates automatically when object or work piece is placed under it.

SUN TRACKING WATER HEATER WITH MECHANICAL PROCESS: A unique system that uses water itself to get maximum energy to heat water from sun energy. The concept is to tap sun energy by means of sun tracking system. Also known as "Solar Oven".

DRINKING WATER FROM OCEAN WATER: An arrangement to convert sea water into drinkable water with high speed evaporation, cooling and condensation process.

TEST-TUBE VIBRATING MACHINE WITH DUAL CONTROL: The arrangement allows the bottles placed in a chamber to rotate with different angle and at different speed to mix the setup.

AUTOMATIC VENTILATOR FOR WINDOWS PANELS: The mechanical arrangement opens the ventilators automatically when it senses more heat or humidity in a closed area.

LATHE MACHINE CONTROLLER: A digital arrangement to move two motors automatically to complete a process job with a specified speed and time frame.

AC COIL CLEANING SYSTEM: Project will ease the process of cleaning for coils or similar system normally used in AC plants or even wire mesh in chimneys.

MOTORISED WHEEL CHAIR: The useful device for handicapped person to move the chair with the help of battery and motor arrangement. The keys will help to turn left or right side.

ENGINE BASED GENERATOR: A 2.5 CC or 3.2 CC diesel engine working on the mixed blend of Kerosene, Ether Solvent and Castor Oil with manual start will charge the battery or directly run small current operated devices.

PADDLE CONTROLLED DOOR OPENING SYSTEM: A very good project for security persons to open or close the barrier or iron grill gates using paddle system.

ACCIDENT-PROOF TRAINS USING RF SIGNALS: The automatic braking system that makes an emergency brakes if two trains are coming on the same track. The model showing with one static and one moving train on a track.

HEART BEAT PULSE PLOTTER MACHINE: This will draw the pulses from heart using a finger sensor and will put on paper with the help of solenoid coil assembly.

LAPPING MACHINE: Lapping is an abrading process that is used to produce geometrically true surfaces, correct minor surface imperfections, improve dimensional accuracy , or provide a very close fit close between two contact surfaces.

MAGNETIC LEVITATION PLATFORM: A permanent magnet parallel rails pulls up the small
platform upward and a electromagnetic system pushes the same from one end to other. Same rail and platform system with a DC motor propeller system to run the car.

MOVING ESCALATORS: The moving arrangement of stairs to move persons from one floor to another by using IR sensor to detect human presence to save energy.

AUTOMATIC MOPPING MACHINE: The sensor based mopping machine will change the path automatically and runs in a room to clean the floor area.

AUTOMATIC MILLING MACHINE: The three/two axis motor control system to run automatically with a digital circuit.

PCB FABRICATION: Every electronic workbench needs a PCB (Printed Circuit Board) to be fabricated to make any electronic circuit.

UNMANNED RAILWAY CROSSING: Crossing barrier gates will automatically close down mechanically when it senses the coming train and opens it after the train crosses the barrier gate at unmanned crossing area to prevent accident.

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