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Electrical, Electronics, Mechatronics & Communications Projects

We specialize in the customized development of high-quality, error-free final year projects for electrical, electronics, mechatronics and communications branch/stream. The below reference list of readymade, ongoing projects/ideas accompanies complete source code and abstract/synopsis based on latest technologies/platforms with comprehensive guidance and explanation.

1) Over Voltage - Under Voltage Protection System

2) Wireless Power Transfer in 3 Dimensional Spaces

3) Intelligent Feeder Control System in 230 kilovolts Switch Yard

4) Self-Switching Power Supply

5) Light Emitting Diode Based Automatic Emergency Light System

6) High Voltage Direct Current by Marx Generator Principles

7) Highway Monitoring and Controlling System by Using Embedded Systems

8) Four Quadrant Direct Current Motor Controls without Microcontroller

9) Power Generation from the Wind Energy Available During Movement of Train

10) Step-Up 6 Volt Direct Current to 10 Volt Using 555 Timers

11) High Voltage Direct Current up to 2KV From Alternative Current by Using Diodes and Capacitors in Multiplier Voltage Circuit

12) Induction Motor Protection System

13) Three-Phase Fault Analysis System with Auto-Reset on Temporary Fault and Permanent Trip

14) Automatic Star Delta Starter by using Relays and Adjustable Electronic Timer for Induction Motor

15) Alternative Current Pulse Width Modulation Control for Induction Motor

16) Password Based Circuit Beaker

17) Dual Tone Multi Frequency based Load Control System

18) Automatic Control of Bottle Filling Using Programmable Logic Controllers with Conveyor Model

19) Industrial Temperature Controller

20) BLDC Motor Speed Control with RPM Displays

21) Predefined Speed Control of BLDC Motor

22) Dish Positioning Control by IR Remote

23) High Performance Alternative Current Supply with Low Harmonic Distortion for Multiphase AC Machines

24) Solar Powered Auto-Irrigation System

25) Personal Computer Based Electrical Loads Control

26) Optimum Energy Management System

27) Speed Control Unit Designed for a Direct Current Motor

28) Accident Alerts in Modern Traffic Signal Control System by using Camera Surveillance System

29) PIR Based Energy Conversation System for Lighting System and Corporate Computers

30) Attendance Management System by Using Face Recognition Technique

31) Diode Clamped Multi-Level Inverter Using Renewable Energy System

32) A Bi-Directional Visitors Counter

33) Fuse Tube light Glower without Any Electric Choke

34) Single-Phase Multilevel Inverter Space Vector Pulse Width Modulation with Personal Computer Interface and OLM

35) Visual Alternating Current Mains Voltage Indicator

36) Non-Contact Alternative Current Motor Speed Monitoring and Display System with High and Low Alerts Using Hall Effect Sensors

37) Wireless Three-Phase Starter Motor Using Radio Frequency Technology

38) Energy Efficient Solar Village Lighting System with Midnight Load Shedding Using Human Sensors Devices

39) Controlling of Embedded to Embedded Data Communication/ Machine through Telephone/ Optical Fiber Cable/ Walkie-Talkie

40) Power Failure Auto Alert Announcement System for Whole Area Electrical Consumers by Using Power Line Method from EBB Station

41) Industrial Alternative Current/Direct Current Motor Speed Controlling System by Using Cell phone

42) Infrared Communication Based Wireless Electrical Appliances Control System

43) Negotiation and Guidance of Dynamic Car Parking by Using an Agent Based Platform

44) Current Minimizing Torque Control of the Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Based on Ferrari’s System

45) The Multilevel Modulator Direct Current Converter

46) Personal Computer Based Power Management System in Hotels

47) Detection of Broken Conductors for Overhead Lines

48) Two Quadrant Chopper Drive for Direct Current Motor Speed Control

49) Implementation of Three-Phase Load Safety with Phase Fault Detector Using Microcontroller

50) Zigbee Wireless Network Based Energy Saving Project for Heating Systems

51) Automation of Residential Electricity Cutoff with Network Based on Embedded Systems

52) SCADA Systems Based Power Control with Programmable Logic Controllers

53) Touch Screen Technology Based Speed Controlling of Alternating Current Motor

54) Designing of ATM Terminal Based on Fingerprint Recognition

55) Speed Control of Induction Motors with Hybrid plus Fuzzy Controller

56) Wireless Phase Motor Starter with Feedback Pointers by Using Radio Frequency Identification Technology

57) Alternating Current Lamp Dimmer Based on Android Smart Phone

58) Implementation and Estimation of Content-aware Video Retargeting Methods

59) Advanced Wireless Industrial Mechanization System by Using Bluetooth Device

60) Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System Based Multi-Channel Voltage Scanning Device

61) GSM Connectivity Based Remote Access Omni Directional Robot

62) MEMS Accelerometer Based Wireless Black Box and Tracking and Monitoring of Accidental Vehicles by Using GPS.

63) GSM Based Monitoring of Distribution Grid Transformers with Forced Cooling Control System

64) Design of Humanoid Robot System by Using Direct Current Reduction Motor

65) Maintenance of Overhead Distribution Lines through DCC with the Use of Laser Monitoring and Advanced Logistical Systems

66) Monitoring of Handheld Multi-Parameters Using Radio Frequency Technology with LCD Display and Data Acquisition System

67) Advanced Data Monitoring and Controlling System by Enabled Bluetooth Device with Hi-tech C

68) Speed Sensor less Induction Drive by Using Predictive Current Controller

69) Speed and Current Control of Brushless Direct Current Motor by Using Sliding Mode Technique

70) Digital Control Strategy Implementation for Asymmetric Cascaded Multilevel Inverter


Customized, High-quality, Innovative, Latest, Advanced final year domain-specific project ideas on Mechatronics, Electronics, Electrical & Communications


MOTORISED OBJECT LIFTING JACK: The object lifting Jack works with the help of geared motors and worm gear arrangement to lift the objects. The modified version can even lift car using the same principle.

KEY CONTROLLED- FORK LIFTER: This Fork lifter lift the floor items and place at the required space as instructed by Key controls.

MATERIAL HANDLING (X, Y, and Z MOTION CONTROL): A switch controlled material handling mechanical assembly that can pick or place the goods in all three axis using three gear motors.

STEPPER MOTOR CONTROL FOR CONVEYOR BELT: An automatic system that moves the stepper motor for bottle vending /material dispenser control system.

OBJECT REJECTION & COUNTING MACHINE: A conveyor belt based project that carries goods of different height or material. The object rejection setup removes the item from the moving belt if it does not fulfill the condition.

ROBOTIC ARM WITH GRIPPER: A three-geared motor setup of robotic arm is an interesting project under material handling. Six keys operation controls the whole setup of the model.

PNEUMATIC/HYDRAULIC ROBO ARM: The air pressure is the base behind this to move the arm to grip, to lift and to rotate the material to handle. A mini compressor will create the air pressure.

NEUMATIC/HYDRAULIC CRANE: The air pressure is the base behind this to move the arm to pick and to lift the material handling crane. A mini compressor will create the air pressure.

NEUMATIC/HYDRAULIC JACK: The air pressure will lift the material using a single piston. The up/down valves will control the whole operation. A mini compressor will create the air pressure.

ROBOTIC CRANE: A dual motor crane to lift material from ground level and and place the material at the other side of it by a moving arm using other motor. One can put the whole crane on a robotic vehicle with another two motors as moving crane for material handling.

ROBOTIC TROLLEY FOR MATERIAL HANDLING: This trolley can be implanted on rough surface to carry material and drop at a specific area.

AUTOMATIC STAMPING AND SORTING MACHINE FOR POST CARD: This machine with a conveyor belt will check the four major cities and sort the post cards in their corresponding boxes with auto stamped on it.


WIND MILL: The Actual wind mill model that produce electrical energy from wind and charge the battery to run inverter directly.

SOLAR SUN SEEKER: It actually track the sun as per its position and move the solar cell/water heating plates accordingly so as to get maximum power from sun light.

THERMAL POWER PLANT USING STEAM: Steam energy is alternatively used to generate electrical energy. A traditional arrangement commonly used by any thermal plant but still very useful to display as teaching aid.

HYDEL POWER DAM: A Device SETUP that generate electrical energy from running water. The model comprises a pump, a water reservoir, an alternator to gen. electrical energy.

ELECTRICAL ENERGY FROM AMUSEMENT PARK RIDES (SEA-SAW, SWING, SLIDE, ROLLER ETC.): The different amusement rides can be designed to generate electrical enegy while children are using actually the park.

ELECTRICAL ENERGY FROM SPEED BREAKER: This can be designed to generate electrical energy when vehicles cross the breaker and roll the roller based speed breakers connected with an alternator.

PADDLE CONTROLLED MOBILE CHARGER CUM EMERGENCY LIGHT: It works as we do cycling for exercise. Besides charging Mobile battery, it burns the extra calories too. Further it can modified to churn any thing.

HYBRID CHIMNEY: The dual natural energy sources say Wind and Sun energy is used to generate electrical energy. A good alternate source of energy for areas like deserts or barren land, where sun light is available but low speed of wind flow is there.

SOLAR POWERED REFRIGERATOR: Compressor less refrigerator to provide 12-15 degree temperature while cooling and is also used to heat if required with the same Thermo-EMF peltier junction based system works on 12V battery to be charged withSolar Cells/Panel.

ELECTRICAL ENERGY FROM COMPRESSED AIR: This ‘AIR GENERATOR’ generate electrical energy from the air stored in a storage chamber using suitable air compressor.

ELECTRICITY FROM DJ DANCE FLOOR: An alternate source or energy can be generated by the modified dance floor using pressure sensor based electricity generators.

WIND BELT: Another alternate energy generation to charge battery by low power wind, say simple fan etc. A moving belt vibrate when wind strike it from any side.The magnets on both ends make the generation of electrical energy.


ROBOTIC CAR WITH SENSORS: This is a simple geared motorized vehicle with free wheel at front will always take right turn when the Infrared sensors sense any obstacle in front. An emergency brake can be applied if required.

JOY STICK CONTROLLED ROBOTIC CRANE WITH UP/DOWN PULLEY ARRANGEMENT AND CIRCULAR MOTION: This is an interesting project in the field of material handling. A moving trolley carries a circular disc type-rotating platform with crane arm. It moves all 360 degree.

LINE TRACER INDUSTRIAL VEHICLE: A material handling vehicle to carry goods in industry and that follow black line to follow. Any obstacle in front will stop the vehicle to avoid any accident by using IR or ultrasonic sensors.

ROBOTIC RADAR SYSTEM: This robotic radar moves 180 degree carries an IR or light sensor fires with an electromechanical Gun if finds some object.

ROBOTIC FIRE BRIGADE TROLLEY: This robotic motorized trolley carries with water tank with it and work automatically if finds the fine in its route.

ROBOTIC LIFT/ESCALATOR: This electromechanically System control the model with keys operation for its clockwise and anticlock movement. It may also controlled automatically with human sensor to save energy.

..... and this list of specimen project ideas/topics goes endless with many more, advanced, interesting ideas available with us in the ongoing state currently