Electrical, Electronics, Communications Projects

We specialize in the customized development of high-quality, error-free final year projects for electrical, electronics and communications branch.

All projects come along with complete source code and abstract/synopsis based on the latest concepts with comprehensive guidance and explanation.

Android (Embedded) Projects

• Remote Controlled Robot Using Android Application

• Induction Motor Speed Control using Android Application

• War Field Spying Robot with Night Vision Wireless Camera By Android Application

• Pick 'n' Place Robotic Arm Controlled by Wireless Android Application

• Remote Controlled Home Automation using Android Application

• Design of Chatting Application Based on Android Bluetooth

• Smart Travel Guide Application for Android Mobile

• Android Phone Based Home Surveillance System

• Android Based Remote Monitoring System

• Automatic Number Plate Recognition on Android Platform

• Implementation of Cuff less Continuous Blood Pressure Measurement based on Android

• Indoor Wi-Fi Positioning System For Android Smartphone

• Mobile Sensor Data Collector using Android Smartphone

• Personal Monitoring Of Blood Pressure Using Android Smart Phones

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AVR Projects

• Ultrasonic range finder using ATmega8515

• Capacitance and Inductance meter using ATmega8

• Digital voltmeter

• Digital dimmer using ATmega8

• Traffic light controller

• Scientific calculator

• Thermometer with clock

• ISD4004 based voice recorder

• DC Motor Speed Control using PWM

• Bluetooth Based Smart Home Automation

• AVR GPS Locator

• 8x8 Dot matrix Scrolling LED display

• Stepper motor Control with ATmega16

• DC Motor Speed Control using PWM (Pulse Width Modulation)

• MMC card based WAV player

• DS1820 Temperature Indicator

• Digital Voltmeter

• Digital dimmer using ATmega

GSM Projects

• Cellphone operated land rover with camera

• Embedded and GSM based marks monitoring system

• Embedded and GSM based intelligent irrigation system

• Home appliance control with security system

• GSM based patient tracking system

• Automatic sensing of taxi trip and indication system through GSM

• Gas leakage detection system using GSM

• Vehicle safety system with alcohol detector

• SMS based weather monitoring system

• Interactive voice response (IVR) system

• GSM based school children security system based on RFID

• Real-time home automation based on GSM and wireless ZigBee protocol

• Credit card security in real time application using GSM technology

• GSM based digital notice board with display on LCD

• GSM based digital notice board with display on PC/Laptop monitor

• HTTP based digital notice board with scrolling LED display

• SMS based SCADA implementation for industrial applications with fencing security system

• Dual GSM modems based irrigation water pump controller

• SMS based notice board using GSM & LCD with period bell

• Irrigation motor monitoring and auto-controlling based on GSM

• GSM based prepaid energy meter with low balance alert

• Temperature based fan speed controller and SMS alerts using GSM modem

Microcontroller Projects

• A microcontroller sensor-less speed control of DC Motor (IEEE)

• Microcontroller based gas leakage detection and auto dialing of emergency numbers

• An application of detection function for eye blinking

• Prepaid card for bus fare system

• GPS based bus or train collision avoidance system

• Microcontroller based automatic electronic bus fare system

• Microcontroller based mini computer dictionary

• Microcontroller based talking keypad for blind people

• Microcontroller based automatic temperature controller with cooling system 

• Mobile phone tracking system by using GPS and GSM

• Microcontroller based wireless energy transmitter with power cut-off system

• Automated vehicles for physically and visually challenged (IEEE)

• GSM based industrial temperature monitoring and controlling system

• Microcontroller based automatic wall painting robot using sensors

• RFID based animal tracking system using microcontroller

• Fingerprint based door open/close system

Raspberry Pi Projects

• Raspberry Pi based automatic reader for the blind

• Raspberry Pi Wheelchair with safety system

• Speaking bus stop reminder using Raspberry Pi 

• IoT based ICU (Intensive Care Unit) patient monitoring system

• Drink 'n' Drive detection with ignition lock implementation

• IoT powered theft detection using Raspberry Pi

• Raspberry Pi based automatic selfie booth

• Night vision security patrolling robot with sound sensing

• Raspberry Pi operated vehicle mumber plate recognition

• Voice controlled home automation using Raspberry Pi

• Facial recognition based home or database security system

• Motion based time-lapse camera with optimized storage

• Motion sensing wildlife recording camera using Raspberry Pi

• IoT (Internet of Things) - Home automation based on Raspberry Pi

• Camera based surveillance system using Raspberry Pi

• Automatic door opener with light control using Raspberry Pi

• Virtual piano using Raspberry Pi

• Ultrasonic music beats player using Raspberry Pi

• IOT - Gas pipe leakage detection inspecting robot

• IOT - Industrial automation using Raspberry Pi

• Fire detection enabled by smart image processing powered using Raspberry Pi

IOT (ECE) Projects

• IOT: Liquid level monitoring system using HTTP

• IOT: Garbage monitoring system

• IOT based Home/Office/Industrial Automation

• Patient pulse monitoring

• Patient temperature monitoring

• Patient blood pressure monitoring

• Internet connected food monitoring

• Transformer health monitoring system

• Display of underground cable fault distance over internet

• Energy meter reading over HTTP

Solar based Projects

• Solar highway lighting system with intensity control.

• Solar water pump control with four different time slots for power saving application.

• Farmer-friendly solar based electric fence for deterring cattle(s)

• Implementation of solar inverter for home, garden, street light applications

• Charge and load protection in solar power management

• Measuring solar photo-voltaic power

• Time programmed sun tracking solar panel

• Raspberry pi based solar street light

• ARM based solar street light

• Arduino based solar street light

• Solar power charge controller

• Solar powered led street light with auto intensity control

• Sun tracking solar panel

• Solar energy measurement system

• Solar powered auto irrigation system

• Solar energy meter

• Solar energy based water purification system

ECE (Minor) Projects

• Simple infrared remote control

• 1.5V LED flasher

• Light intensity monitor

• 2-Button motor controller

• Modulated laser light source

• 3V low battery voltage indicator

• 9V battery voltage monitor
• NPN-PNP transistor tester
• AC current monitor
• Audio signal detector/switch
• Reflected infrared light switch
• Battery charging indicator
• Simple security wire-loop alarm
• Piezoelectric beeper circuit
• Door-knob alarm
• Earthquake alarm circuit
• Electronics field disturbance monitor
• Freezer/Over-temperature alarm
• Light/Dark detector 

Electrical Projects

• IGBT based inverter

• Automatic emergency tubelight

• Electric digital fan regulator

• Electronic thermostat/temperature controller

• Automatic temperature controlled hot air blower

• Automatic electrical unmanned railway crossing controller

• Electronic motor starter cum controller

• Sound operated device controller

• Clap operated fan speed control

• Electronic switch starter

• Automatic room light controller cum energy saver

• Overhead water tank level indicator cum controller

• Auto temperature controller for fan

• Digital phase selector cum automatic phase changer

• Regulated supply with battery backup

• Digital power factor controller cum rectifier

• Medium power MOSFET inverter

• Temperature controlled fan trigger

• Temperature controlled ventilators

• AC power plant control using temperature sensor with RF link

• Tripping sequence recorder cum indicator

• Opto-thermo switch

• Switch mode power supply (SMPS)

• PWM based DC motor drive

• Speed control of induction motor using Thyristor

• Automatic hand dryer

• Automatic suction tank motor controller

• Single phase preventer

• Solar sun tracker/seeker

• Power line-device controller

• Power line–electric meter reader/counter

• Time operated automatic sequential power load ON

• Remote controlled stepper motor

• Digital based time sheduled load shedding system – (Wired/Wireless)

• Servo motor controller cum driver

• Speed control of DC motor

• Sound controlled motor direction controller

• Digitally adjustable timer

• Under/Over voltage controller circuit

• Wireless RF time operated electrical device

• Wireless RF remote switch board

• Wireless RF AC/DC motor speed control

• Wireless RF radio controlled switch

• Wireless RF industrial fault monitoring device

• Wireless RF based motor speed control

• IR remote control switch

• IR remote control switch board

• Optical fibre/laser based appliance switching system

• Optical fibre/laser based AC/DC motor speed control

• Smart room power-saver

• Thermo-EMF refrigerator

• Electical control circuit for musical lights

• Automatic voltage stabilizer

• Contact less- wireless electricity for electrical energy transmission

• 3-phase appliance protector

• Bluetooth operated device controller

• 3-phase induction motor starter with programmable timer

• Wind mill

• Solar sun seeker

• Thermal power plant using steam

• Hydel power dam

• Electrical energy from speed breaker

• Paddle controlled mobile charger cum emergency light

• Hybrid chimney

• Solar powered refrigerator

• Electrical energy from compressed air

• Piezoelectric generator

• Buck boost converter

• Infrared (IR) step based fan speed controller

• Auto control for genset

• Solid state relay

• Automatic star to delta converter

• Sound energy to electrical energy

Power Systems Projects

• Remote monitoring and diagnostics of transformer

• Design of isolated power systems for village electrification

• Optimal power generation and scheduling

• Online monitoring and diagnostics for power transformers

• Short term load forecasting

• Scaled model implementation of an HVDC system

• Low cost wireless sensor network in field operation monitoring of induction motors

• Power management strategies for a grid-connected PV-FC hybrid system

• Single-stage DC-AC converter for photo-voltaic systems

Microprocessor based Projects

• Microprocessor based programmable sequencer 

• A 16 KB dynamic ram memory board to enhance the memory of microprocessor development kit 

• Development of an assembler for a microprocessor 

• Microprocessor based sign display of characters 

• Microprocessor based examination coding and decoding 

• Fast fourier transform analysis using 8086 microprocessor 

• TPA - 85 two pass assembler for microprocessor Intel 8080 / 8085 

• Video character display using microprocessor 

• Microprocessor based control of production line parameters 

• Video interface for microprocessor 

• Microprocessor based flow meter 

• Microprocessor based capacitor assisted line power factor improvement 

• Microprocessor based plan meter 

• Character display on CRT using microprocessor 

• Microprocessor peripheral network 

• Microprocessor based lighting system 

• Rolling display microprocessor 

• Microprocessor based power factor corrector 

• 8085 microprocessor controlled DC motor 

• Microprocessor based safety and security monitor 

• Constant angle firing of Thyristor under variable power frequency based on microprocessor

• Microprocessor based enciphered transmitter receiver system 

• Microprocessor based 2 and 3 level PWM inverter control 

• Microprocessor based drilling machine 

• Microprocessor based active noise suppressor 

• Microprocessor based automobile car panel 

• Microprocessor based preset hank counter

PLC based Projects

• PLC based traffic light control 

• Logic gates application

• Timer based application 

• Clock/Schedule based motor control

• PLC based water level controller

• PLC based ON/OFF switch control

• Automatic bottle filling station

• Speed control of AC/DC drives

• Temperature control system using PLC (Programmable Logic Controller)

• Counter based applications

• Automatic door opening and closing system

• PLC Based Air conditioned control

• Packaging machine

• Blow moldings & injection molding machine

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