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Readymade, Ongoing Computer Science/IT Projects & Ideas

We develop customized, economical software applications/projects as per user requirements. All computer science engineering (CSE) & Information Technology (IT) projects for final year that we deliver come with complete source code and abstracts/synopsis based on latest technologies platforms with comprehensive techno-functional explanation.


1) Cloud-based GPS Navigation and Location-Coordinate Tracking on Google Maps through 3G/4G

2) Android based Handset Theft Security & Identification using Intelligent Photo Capturing and GPS Location Tracking

3) Secured Access of Custom-built Applications through Real-time Facial Recognition and Authentication on Android SmartPhone

4) Android based Encrypted IP Video Calling over 3G/4G

5) Digitized Media Streaming of Television Channels on Android SmartPhone

6) Total Access & Control of a Remote PC with Touch-enabled Keyboard and Mouse Operations on Android SmartPhone

7) Speaking Dictionary with Word Input through Human Voice, Multilingual Meaning Translation and more

8) Determination of Distance between 2 Geographical Locations and Optimized Route Calculation from Source to Destination via GPS on Android

9) Controlling Media Player Operations Remotely through Wi-Fi using Android SmartPhone

10) Android based Smart Trip Planner using Routes Mapping, Overlay & Planning through GPS & 3G/4G

11) Android Gaming (BlackJack, Sudoku, Poker ....)

12) Android RSS Feeder

13) Advanced Cryptography through Frame-based Augmented Reality powered on Android SmartPhone

14) Controlling the RPM (Rotations per Minute) of a Fan remotely using Android SmartPhone

15) Interfacing Touch Screen through Dynamic Message Display on Android SmartPhone using 3G/4G

16) Determination of Light Presence using Light Sensor (LDR) with Sensor Control through Android

17) Dynamic Remote LCD Control with Moveable Text Changing feature through 3G/4G using Android SmartPhone

18) SmartPhone based Controlling of a Remote Electrical Device (LED) through 3G/4G using Human Voice Input as the Accessibility Feature

19) Dynamic Fan Rotational Speed Control using Android SmartPhone through 3G/4G with Human Voice Input as the Accessibility Option

20) Controlling the Motion of a Robot (Left, Right, Forward, Backward) through GSM Data Channels (3G/4G) using Android SmartPhone

21) Human Motion Detection with IR Sensor Control through 3G/4G with image Capturing and Automated Warning Pronunciation 

22) Remote LCD Message Display with Moveable Text Changing feature through 3G/4G using Android SmartPhone with Human Voice-input Capability

23) Remote Room Temperature Measurement Fire-Alarm Warning through Automated Warning Pronunciation using HTTP

24) Android controlled Wi-Fi Helicopter/Quadcopter/Drone with integrated GPS Location Tracing and Live Video Capturing through Spy camera

25) Android based Location-specific Product Advertisement through GPS using Intelligently Automated Google Search

26) Individual Technical Skill-Set Assessment in a Mobile Supportive Private Cloud Environment using HTTP

27) Prediction of a Patient’s Psychometric State through Interrogation-Based Analysis using Private Cloud involving GSM Data Channels

28) Android Powered Product QR Code and Barcode Identification and Cloud Based Product Details Extraction

29) Android based Product Bidding through 3G/4G powered by Mobile Cloud

30) Live Android to Android text chatting powered by cloud based server using 3G/4G

31) Remote Banking powered through mobile involving private transactional cloud-based data centre using 3G/4G

32) Cloud Based Smart Personal Expense Monitor with Bill Payment Notification using 3G/4G

33) Extraction of Product Details from Private Cloud based on the Product Logo Image Captured Dynamically by Android SmartPhone

34) Cloud Powered Smart Product Advertisement based on Dynamic GPS Location Coordinates received on Android SmartPhone

35) Image Enhancement and Smart Sharing through Private Cloud Simulation on Android SmartPhone

36) Controlling PC Mouse Pointer remotely using Hands through Accelerometer sensor device

37) Smart Online Web Browser with Command-Input Powered by Human Voice

38) Online Web Browser with Search Engine

39) Virtual Private Network (VPN) Communication using Secured Sockets Layer (SSL)

40) RFID Powered Attendance Automation with email & SMS Notification Alert Facility

41) Resource Monitor and Task Manager with Graphical Representation in an Operating System

42) Customized Secure Shell (SSH) Protocol Development for Encrypted Client/Server Data Transmission on Linux Platform

43) Network Firewall

44) Fingerprint / IRIS Authentication

45) Android Powered Device Profile Transition based on Geosynchronous Positional Coordinates through Geo–Tagging

46) Smart Image Analysis and Enhancement on Android SmartPhone

47) SmartPhone Speaking Dictionary with Multilingual Meaning Translation and Pronunciation using Automated Human Voice Output

48) Android Powered Smart Money Manager and Graphical Expense Tracker with Bill Payment Notification using 3G/4G

49) SmartPhone enabled Text-to-Speech, Speech-to-Text, Multilingual Translation and Command Interpretation Powered by Human Voice Input

50) Multipoint IP Voice Calling using Session Initiation Protocol Powered on Android Smart Devices over 3G/4G with Versatile Security

51) Live Video Streaming through Integrated PC/Laptop Camera connected with Android SmartPhone on Wi-Fi using RTSP powered Media Server

52) SmartPhone enabled SOS Alert Triggering System using GSM & GPS

53) Secured Wireless Digitized Voice And Video Call Communication over Wi-Fi/3G/4G powered On Android Smart Devices with Versatile Encryption

54) SmartPhone based Controlling of a Remote Electrical Device (LED) through 3G/4G

55) Implementation of Trade Processes through Mobile-Powered Transactional Cloud Using GSM Data Channels (3G/4G)

56) Real-time Automatic Vehicle Number Plate Recognition & Authentication

57) Database Security

58) Smart Requirements Gatherer and Intelligent Analyzer using Rule-based, Built-in Artificial Intelligence

59) Conceptualization of Data Mining Technique in the Analysis of Sales and Consumer’s Purchasing Preferences within a Super mart

60) Remote Networked PC Access, Monitoring & Controlling with live Event Log Display

61) Social Networking with inbuilt Steganography, Encryption, Live Video Conferencing and Chatting between networked systems

62) Enterprise Resource Planner for Real-time Business Processes within a Trading Organization

63) Multiplayer 3D Darts Game

64) Electronic Content Automation for Entertainment Media

65) Industrial Manpower & Human Resource Process Automation

66) Organizational Communication Powered with Multilevel Encryption & Offline Browsing concept

67) Enterprise Resource Planner for a Large-sized Telecom Organization

68) Linux based Multiplayer Car Racing Game

69) Smart Text Mining in Existing and Custom Created Files at Dynamic Locations

70) Content Encoding & Decoding based on Image Steganography

71) Handling and Automation of Real-time Processes during a Calamity Event

72) Electronic Learning Portal for an Educational Institution

73) Network Intrusion Detection using Packet Analysis

74) Sentiment Analysis on Social Media like Twitter, Facebook, etc.

75) Weather Forecasting/Air Pollution Forecasting/Any other forecasting

76) Mood/Sentiment Analysis Based Media Player using Facial Gestures/Expressions

77) SQL Injection Conceptualization

78) Flower Recognition/Other Object Recognition

79) Fingerprint Scanning/RFID based Applications

80) Hand Gesture Recognition using Accelerometers

81) Stock Prediction and Analysis

82) Fingerprint based gender detection (Male or Female)

83) Sketch making robot ....


Front-end, Back-end/Database Platforms, Cloud Services, Open-source Hardware, Libraries, Tools/Integrated Development Editors (IDE)


Online Project Delivery

We ensure that travelling distance, time or cost do not pose hindrance to the delivery of your project. Therefore we make every effort to successfully deliver the project on your systems remotely through technology under required situations.

Electronic Payment Facility

Electronic booking and payment for any project is highly encouraged. We accept almost all modes of e-payments.

100% Support

Comprehensive clarification of all your doubts pertaining to the project is being provided till the last second of its final submission date for a thorough understanding of all its functional and technical aspects.

Error-free Projects

All the projects that we deliver are fully tested for identification and rectification of any resident bugs ensuring high-quality, error-free project implementation in 100% accordance to its agreed and documented requirement specifications.

Plethora of Ideas

We have abundant (CS/IT) ideas on multiple domains which are latest, advanced and can be applied to solve real-world problems.

Latest Technologies

Tools/IDE & technologies that we deploy during the development life-cycle of any project starting from its analysis to final deployment are the most recent.

Clear Practices

What we do is what we document and what we document is what we deliver. Besides verbal communications, we clearly put all the details relevant to your project on paper in order to bring 100% transparency and remove any ambuguity in its development till final delivery.

Adherence to Deadlines

Time is invaluable when it comes to the delivery of your final year project. And it's not just the successful development of a project that we count in the deadline but also your full-fledged understand of it, which remains our foremost objective.