Android & Embedded Projects

REMOTE CONTROLLED ROBOT USING ANDROID APPLICATION: The objective of this project is to implement a remote controlled robot using an Android application. This is an 8051 based robot with control interface being provided by the Android application. The communication between the robot and the Android based smart phone is through Bluetooth. Hence, the robot is installed with a Bluetooth receiver which then communicates with the microcontroller.

INDUCTION MOTOR SPEED CONTROL USING ANDROID APPLICATION: The aim of this project is to control an induction motor using an Android application. It is a microcontroller based embedded system which consists of an opto-isolator driver to drive an AC motor. An android application is developed to interact with the microcontroller using Bluetooth. This system can be used for remote or wireless operation of motors in conveyors, blowers or pumps.

WAR FIELD SPYING ROBOT WITH NIGHT VISION WIRELESS CAMERA BY ANDROID APPLICATION: Robotics can be very helpful in defense applications. One such application is implemented here. It is a war field spying robot with night vision wireless camera. An 8051 series microcontroller is used as the main controlling unit. The communication between the controlling center and the robot is through RF transmitter and receiver. Additionally, an Android application can be developed to control the robot.

PICK ‘n’ PLACE ROBOTIC ARM CONTROLLED BY WIRELESS ANDROID APPLICATION: Either automated or manually operated, the importance of pick-and-place robot or robotic arm is industries is huge. An Android based wirelessly controlled robotic arm is developed. The robotic arm consists of an ATmega16 microcontroller, a Bluetooth receiver and motors and motor drivers. The commands for the movement of the arm can be given from the GUI based Android application over Bluetooth.

REMOTE CONTROLLED HOME AUTOMATION USING ANDROID APPLICATION: An individual’s daily routine tasks can be automated with the help of home automation systems. An Android based home automation system is proposed in this article. Any smart phone with Android OS can be used to control different home appliances like fans, lights etc. The Android application communicates with a microcontroller via Bluetooth which in turn controls the relays.

DESIGN OF CHATTING APPLICATION BASED ON ANDROID BLUETOOTH: Bluetooth based communication can be implemented with low cost and very less power consumption. Bluetooth is integrated in almost all mobile phones. A chatting application is designed based on the Android Bluetooth. It provides a two-way communication without need of any mobile network. An Android application will act as the GUI for sending and receiving the messages.

REMOTE OPERATED DOMESTIC APPLIANCES CONTROL BY USING ANDROID APPLICATION: A PIC microcontroller based appliance control system using Android is designed here. A combination of embedded system technology and Android mobile technology is used in developing this project. The process unit consists of microcontroller, Bluetooth receiver, LCD and dimmer circuit. The control unit consists of an Android based smart phone with corresponding application.

SMART TRAVEL GUIDE APPLICATION FOR ANDROID MOBILE: The number of people going out on tours and recreation has increased over the years. An Android application for smart travel guide is designed in this project. The purpose of this application is to provide tourism based information to the user very conveniently. The system uses the mash-up technology and overcomes the limitations of mobiles.

ANDROID PHONE BASED HOME SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM: A smart phone based home surveillance system is proposed here. A robot is fixed with several sensors like temperature, gas and IR and is wirelessly controlled by an Android based smart phone. An ATmega32 microcontroller will receive the commands from the Android application and the robot will be triggered accordingly.

ANDROID BASED REMOTE MONITORING SYSTEM: Remote monitoring systems are very important in hazardous and difficult environments. A system is proposed for remote monitoring using Android application. A PIC microcontroller is interface with different sensors like smoke detection, temperature, humidity, pressure and IR. Using RS232 connection, a PC is used for data logging.

AUTOMATIC NUMBER PLATE RECOGNITION ON ANDROID PLATFORM: Vehicles violating traffic rules must be charged with fines. Recognizing the vehicle number in the complex traffic conditions is difficult. An Android phone platform based automatic number plate recognition system is proposed. A GUI for capturing the image by the built-in camera is designed. The captured image is processed to get the optical characters. The built-in GPS module can be used to geo-tag the images.

IMPLEMENTATION OF CUFF-LESS CONTINUOUS BLOOD PRESSURE MEASUREMENT SYSTEM BASED ON ANDROID: Blood pressure is an important parameter that has an impact on the physiological balance of a human being. In this, a cuff less continuous blood pressure measurement system based on Android phone is implemented. A microcontroller will process the signals and transmit the data to Android phone via a Bluetooth connection. The data from the microcontroller is received by the Android application and calculates the required parameters.

INDOOR WI-FI POSITIONING SYSTEM FOR ANDROID-BASED SMARTPHONE: WiFi positioning system is used where GPS is deficient. An indoor WiFi positioning system is developed for Android smart phones. Positioning systems using WiFi signals are easy to implement and require less cost. The algorithm filters error signals and the error rate is low.

MOBILE SENSOR DATA COLLECTOR USING ANDROID SMARTPHONE: Today’s Android Smart Phones have a variety of sensors on board. In this article, a system that employs light weight sensor network which are available on the Android device is demonstrated. An Android application is developed which communicates with the on board sensors and collects a variety of data from them. The collected data is logged for analysis.

PERSONAL MONITORING OF BLOOD PRESSURE USING ANDROID SMART PHONES: Regular monitoring of blood pressure is necessary for persons with heart conditions. A microcontroller based personal blood pressure monitoring system using Android phone is developed here. The transmitting unit consists of a microcontroller with blood pressure sensor and heart beat sensor and the data is transmitted using a Bluetooth module. The receiving unit is an Android phone with application to monitor the data.

GREEN HOUSE AUTOMATION USING ZIGBEE AND ANDROID SMART PHONE: A low cost and high accuracy automated greenhouse monitoring system using ZigBee and Android technologies is proposed in this article. It is an ARM based system which consists of a number of sensors like LDR, humidity, moisture, temperature and CO2 i.e. Carbon Dioxide. All this data is transmitted to a web server and an Android device. The commands from the Android are transmitted by ZigBee and the relays are activated by the microcontroller.

BUS NOTIFICATION SYSTEM BASED ON ANDROID TECHNOLOGY: Android phones can be used in many ways. One such application of Android based phones is to obtain information about buses. An Android based bus notification system is proposed in this paper. A Bluetooth based communication is setup between the bus and the terminal. The information about bus, distance and timing can be displayed on the smart phone.

SMARTCARD BASED ANDROID APPLICATION FOR PUBLIC TRANSPORT TICKETING SYSTEM: The demand for public transportation is increasing with the growth in the population. An android application for smart card based public transport ticketing system is developed here. Electronic smart card is an existing technology with many uses. It is harnessed into an Android application for easy ticketing of public transport system.

PORTABLE HEART RATE DETECTOR BASED ON PHOTO PLETHYSMOGRAPHY WITH ANDROID PROGRAMMABLE DEVICE: Modern IC enables an easy monitoring of heart rate. A portable heart rate detector is designed in this project. It is a microcontroller based system with heart rate sensor. The biological signal is extracted to electric signal via photoplethysmograpgy principle. The data is transmitted to a computer server through RF transmitter / receiver pair. The server then communicates with an Android phone via Bluetooth.

PRIVACY-AWARE COMMUNICATION FOR SMART PHONES USING VIBRATION: A unique method for communication without using radios is proposed here. A private communication for Android phones using the phone’s built-in vibrator and accelerometer is designed. Two Android smart phones are placed on an object and the transmitting device sends a series of vibrations which are decoded by the accelerometer of the receiving device. It is more secure than radio communication as there is no eavesdropping.

HARASSMENT MONITORING SYSTEM USING ANDROID: Harassment at school, college and work is a common but serious problem in the current world. A new generation harassment monitoring system based on Android platform is proposed here. Using this system, the user can inform police, parents and emergency contacts whenever there are any unexpected circumstances.

RESEARCH AND DESIGN OF CHATTING ROOM SYSTEM BASED ON ANDROID BLUETOOTH: Chat room is on the greatest entertainment features in today’s internet age. An Android based chatting room system is developed in this project. The system uses the built-in Bluetooth protocol to establish a point-to-point or multi point communication. Both voice and text messages can be transmitted.

IMPLEMENTATION OF ANDROID VOICE RECOGNITION FOR SMART HOME APPLICATION USING BLUETOOTH: In this project, Android voice recognition for smart home application using Bluetooth is developed. It is an ARM based system which controls the home appliances by voice commands. The system converts the received voice commands into text and transmits through Bluetooth. The ARM system, which receives the text, performs the required operation like controlling the relays.

REAL TIME MULTIPLE CROSS PLATFORM COMMUNICATION THROUGH BLUETOOTH: Wireless technology has improved the way we communicate to a great extent. Bluetooth provides an easy to implement, low cost and low power connection between two devices. Real time multiple cross platform communication using Bluetooth is developed. The developed system uses Bluetooth technology and is platform independent.

COOPERATIVE DEFENSE AGAINST POLLUTION ATTACKS IN NETWORK CODING USING SPACEMAC: In this article, a MAC scheme for expanding spaces called SpaceMac is proposed. The proposed system provides a cooperative defense against pollution attacks in network coding. It provides both in-network detection and also the exact location of the attacker. It is also collusion and tag-pollution resistant.

ANDROID BASED EMERGENCY ALARM AND HEALTHCARE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM: The aim of this project is to implement an Android based healthcare management system and emergency alarm. The system uses the GSM and GPS technologies that are built in any Android based phone. When the user is in trouble, the system sends a notification along with the current location to the emergency contacts. Necessary rescue operations can then be performed.

BIOMETRIC MECHANISM FOR ENHANCED SECURITY OF ONLINE TRANSACTION ON ANDROID SYSTEM: Most of today’s banking applications are on hand held devices like smart phones. Security is a concern for all mobile users when it comes to e banking on mobiles. A biometric mechanism is proposed for enhanced security of online transactions on Android based devices. A real time finger print scan is performed during the transactions. It is more secure and thus cannot be stolen as it is not stored in any database.

A SMARTPHONE INDOOR POSITIONING METHOD: An Android application is developed for security of exhibition rooms by using indoor positioning method. The system detects the artifact or exhibit that is being watched by a visitor. The visitor’s current location, movement status and watching status are detected.

FALL DETECTION BASED ON MOVEMENT AND SMART PHONE TECHNOLOGY: Life threatening injuries may occur when an elderly person falls down. The issue can be more serious if a timely medical assistance is not provided. There is a need for fall detection devices. A smart phone with Bluetooth communication and list of emergency contacts and a digital watch with fall detection is proposed in this article.

DEMENTIA PATIENT MOVEMENT DETECTION: Dementia is a serious disease suffered by millions of people. An Android application is developed to help people with Dementia (or any other memory disorders). In this system, when a person falls down, the accelerometer is used to detect the fall and the GPS of the smart phone is used to track the location of the patient.

MACHINE LEARNING APPROACH TO ANDROID MALWARE DETECTION: The latest trends in mobile platform developments has enabled in execution of complex software in different fields such as banking. There is also a rise in danger for malware that targets the mobile devices. In this article, a machine learning approach for detection of malware on Android devices is proposed.

DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT OF ANDROID APPLICATION BASED WIRELESS TOY CAR: An Android application controlled wireless toy car is designed in this project. The toy car is a microcontroller driven vehicle which also consists of motor driver to drive the motors, an LCD for display and a Bluetooth for communication with Android device. An Android application is developed to control the movements of the robot via Bluetooth.

ANDROID-BASED MOBILE FRAMEWORK FOR NAVIGATING ULTRASOUND AND VISION GUIDED AUTONOMOUS ROBOT: An autonomous robot is a vehicle capable of steering a predefined destination. It should be capable of making decisions in case of any obstacles. In this project, an autonomous robotic vehicle is designed which runs on Android platform. The microcontroller based robot uses ultrasonic sensors and computer vision to avoid obstacles. Some of the components used are GPS, different sensors, Bluetooth, motors and Android application.

24 HOURS GPS TRACKING IN ANDROID OPERATING SYSTEM: GPS technology has emerged as a major navigation system. Every smart phone has an integrated GPS module. In this article, an autonomous management of location by 24 hour GPS tracking in Android based smart phone is proposed. Such applications are very useful in military purposes where an unauthorized device can’t enter or leave a restricted area without notifying the server.

BLUETOOTH ENABLED ANDROID APPLICATION FOR A MICROCONTROLLER DRIVEN ROBOT: The aim of this project is to develop a Bluetooth enabled Android application for a microcontroller based robot. With the help of this project, multiple devices can be controlled even if the device’s developer has no knowledge about Android application development.

SURVEILLANCE ROBOT USING ARDUINO MICROCONTROLLER AND ANDROID: Surveillance is a basic method for preventing a crime. In this project, an Arduino based surveillance robot is designed which can be controlled by an Android application. The robot consists of camera for video capture, GPS for location and GSM module for communication. The commands for movement of the robot are given through the Android application.

SMART HOME USING ANDROID APPLICATION: Home automation is an in demand area of consumer application and with developments in embedded systems, it is even simpler to implement. An Android application based smart home is designed in this project. It consists of AVR microcontroller embedded with WiFi module and a device driver circuit. An Android application is designed to communicate with the microcontroller over WiFi network.

PLC BASED SYSTEM USING MICROCONTROLLER FOR INDUSTRIAL APPLICATION BASED ON ANDROID TECHNOLOGY: Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) is often used in industrial control and automation applications. It consists of a processor, sensors and actuators. In this project, 89S52 microcontroller is used as a small PLC which is interfaced with an Android application so that it can be used to wirelessly control industrial appliances using Bluetooth technology.

ANDROID BASED ELECTRONIC FARE METER SYSTEM: Taxis are one of the common modes of transport in cities. Meter tampering is a frequent problem that is faced by the customer and often has to pay more. So, an Android based electronic fare meter system is proposed here. It is a microcontroller based system which counts the rotation of the wheel and sends the information to an Android device over Bluetooth. The application in the mobile will calculate the fare.

SMART PHONE CONTROLLED ROBOT USING ATMEGA328 MICROCONTROLLER: An ATmega328 microcontroller based robot is designed which is controlled by a smart phone. The robot also consists of Bluetooth module, ultrasonic sensor and motor driver. An Android application is created and installed on a mobile. The GUI based application can be used to control the robot wirelessly over Bluetooth communication.

ARM7 MICROCONTROLLER BASED ROBOT CONTROLLED BY AN ANDROID MOBILE UTILIZING BLUETOOTH: The aim of this project is to implement an automated vehicle control using Android application. The main controlling unit in the robot is an ARM based microcontroller which drives the motor. A GUI based control system is developed as an Android application. The commands are received from the Android application via Bluetooth protocol.

REAL TIME OPERATING SYSTEM (RTOS) BASED HOME AUTOMATION SYSTEM USING ATMEGA AND ANDROID: Advancements in embedded systems allow in efficient implementation of home automation systems. In this project, an ATMega microcontroller based home automation system is developed using an RTOS. It is controlled by an Android application. The microcontroller is connected with relays to control different appliances, Bluetooth receiver to communicate with Android device and also a real time clock.

UBIQUITOUS SMART HOME SYSTEM USING ANDROID APPLICATION: An internet based smart home system is developed which can be controlled using an Android application. The application on the Android communicates with the web server. The use of PC can be avoided as a microcontroller based system can be sufficient for required actions. A microcontroller is integrated with light switches, power plugs and different sensors and can be controlled by the Android application.

AUTOMATED CAR PARKING SYSTEM COMMANDED BY ANDROID: Car parking is a tedious job in big commercial places. In this project, an automated car parking system which is assisted by Android application is developed. It uses an ATmega32 microcontroller as used as the main controlling unit along with a GSM module in the parking unit. In the car unit, a microcontroller is used with motors and sensors. An Android application is developed to communicate with the parking unit.

VOICE TO THE VOICELESS ON ANDROID PLATFORM: The aim of this project is to reduce the communication gap between the dumb/ deaf people and the world they want to communicate to. The system uses AVR microcontroller and Android platform to capture the sign language and convert it to voice. Flex sensors are used capture the signs and the microcontroller, after converting the analogue signals to digital signals, transmits the data to an Android device over Bluetooth. The application in the Android will convert the data in to voice.

GSM BASED AUTOMATED IRRIGATION CONTROL USING ANDROID: Efficient usage of water in irrigation along with timely watering of crops is an important task. In this project, a GSM based automated irrigation control system is developed here. A microcontroller is interfaced with moisture and temperature sensors and also with relays to control the motor. An Android application is used to command the microcontroller over GSM technology.

ANDROID MOBILE PHONE CONTROLLED BLUETOOTH ROBOT USING ARM7 MICROCONTROLLER: The aim of this project is to implement an Android phone controlled robot over Bluetooth communication. The robot is designed using an ARM based microcontroller and is integrated with Bluetooth receiver, decoder and a motor driver. An Android application is used to send different movement commands using the phones built in Bluetooth.

ANDROID APPLICATION FOR GPS ENABLED EMERGENCY TRACKING: An AVR microcontroller based GPS enabled emergency tracking system along with the related Android application is developed in this project. The system is designed as a tracking device for emergency situations. The microcontroller is integrated with an LCD and a GSM module and also an actuating station. The data is transmitted to the Android mobile via GSM.

ANDROID APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT FOR ENVIRONMENT MONITORING USING SMART PHONES: A PIC microcontroller based system is developed for environmental monitoring using Android smart phone. An Android application is developed to interact with the microcontroller and also to view and monitor the data. The microcontroller is integrated with temperature and humidity sensors and the data is transmitted to the Android device via Bluetooth.

IRRIGATION CONTROL SYSTEM USING ANDROID AND GSM FOR EFFICIENT USE OF WATER AND POWER: An Android based irrigation control system for efficient use of water and power is designed here. It uses a microcontroller to control the ON or OFF action of the motor. A moisture sensor is used and the data from this sensor is transmitted to an Android device through GSM communication. Using an Android application, the user can control the action of the motor.

DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT OF ENERGY MEASUREMENT SYSTEM BASED ON THE ANDROID PLATFORM: A microcontroller based system for energy measurement and monitoring is developed. An Android application is developed for the measurement of power and monitoring the energy consumption to send that information to an Android device. Energy is monitored by a microcontroller based system and the data is transmitted by GSM module. The consumer uses the Android application to view the data and control power usage accordingly.

DOOR-AUTOMATION SYSTEM USING BLUETOOTH-BASED ANDROID FOR MOBILE PHONE: This project gives a basic idea of how to implement and control home security for smart home systems. An Arduino based system is developed which controls a solenoid based lock that is installed to a door. An Android application is developed to interact with the Arduino board via Bluetooth. It helps in automation of door locks and hence improving the home security.

ARDUINO AND ANDROID POWERED OBJECT TRACKING ROBOT: In this project, a robot is designed which tracks moving objects. It is based on Arduino board. An Android device is used to control the robot via USB connection. The camera of the Android device, which is attached to the robot, captures the images and the servo motors spin accordingly. Image processing techniques are used to track the object in the image.

DECENTRALIZED SMARTPHONE BASED TRAFFIC INFORMATION SYSTEM: Traffic information system can be implemented using location based services where the information is based on the position of the requesting device. In this, a decentralized smartphone based traffic information system is proposed which can discover traffic related data near any geographical location.

WIRELESS VIDEO TRANSMISSION ON ANDROID PLATFORM: In this, wireless video transmission / streaming on Android platform. An Android application is developed using which the video can be transmitted wirelessly. The phone’s WiFi network is used for transmission. The user can capture live video and stream over WiFi, so that other users can view that video. The wireless video transmission doesn’t rely on the mobile network and hence it is free of communication charge.

SENDING SMS WITH SPEECH RECOGNITION INTERFACE: Short Message Service (SMS) is the most common way to send and receive text messages. In this project, an Android application is developed which converts user’s speech to text for SMS. The user can enter, edit and send the text message though voice commands. The proposed system can be a competitive alternative to conventional text entry.

ANDROID SUBURBAN RAILWAY TICKETING WITH GPS AS TICKET CHECKER: Suburban railways often provide an easy way to commute between city and suburbs. But the major problem is the ticketing system which consumes a lot of time. An Android application for suburban railway ticketing system is developed. It uses the in-built GPS of the phone as the validation for ticket checkers. The system can be applied to any kind of transport system.

ANDROID APPLICATION FOR DOCTOR’S APPOINTMENT: The most common method for booking a doctor’s appointment is via phone call. An Android application is developed which eases the process of booking a doctor’s appointment. Patient can book using his/her mobile phone and both the patient and the doctor are informed about the appointment. In case of canceling of the appointment by the doctor, the patient is intimated by a text.

PATIENT MONITORING SYSTEM USING ANDROID TECHNOLOGY: The aim of this project is to implement a patient monitoring system using Android technology. Vital parameters like ECG, heart rate, pulse rate and temperature are monitored by a monitoring system. The data is transferred to a server and an application on the Android based smart phone of the doctor can be used to view the important information.

DISASTER MANAGEMENT SYSTEM ON MOBILE PHONES USING GOOGLE MAP: Based on the geographical locations and the environment, any country is often threatened by different kinds of natural disasters. A disaster management system is proposed in this article using Google Maps. An Android application is developed which helps in easy evacuation, especially for tourists. GPS is used to find the shortest path for a safe zone and the user can retrieve the information on the application.

QR CODE BASED INFORMATION ACCESS SYSTEM FOR SMART PHONES: Location awareness has seen a huge growth with the emergence of wireless networks. A QR – code based information access system for Android based smart phones is proposed in this article. It is called Forthroid which is a location based information retrieval system. A prototype is implemented on the Android platform and the performance is evaluated.

ANDROID CONTROLLED SPY ROBOT: Android phones have the potential to be low cost robot controllers. Huge number of features that are built in Android phones makes it even simple to implement such applications. In this project, a spy robot is developed that is controlled by an Android based device. The robot is controlled by human gestures which are recognized by the Android application and the information is passed to the microcontroller which triggers the movements of the robot.

AUTONOMOUS ANDROID CONTROLLED ROBOT DESIGN USING WIRELESS ENERGY: Robots in industries can increase the production and also the quality of the product. An industrial-grade pick-and-place robot is developed that is operated using Android. A PIC microcontroller is used for the main control part and the robot uses object detection application for the operation. A speech recognition system is integrated to the microcontroller. The camera of the Android device will capture the image of the object to be captured.

SMART PHONE BASED ROBOTIC CONTROL FOR SURVEILLANCE APPLICATIONS: Robots over the years have emerged with the advancements in the technology. The concepts of automation and robotics play a crucial role in manufacturing as well as consumer entertainment. In this project, a smart phone controlled robot is created for surveillance applications. The robot has an integrated camera which can wirelessly transmit video. The commands to control the robot are given using an Android device.

CONTROLLING A ROBOT USING ANDROID INTERFACE AND VOICE: An Android application is developed to control a robot that is powered by an Arduino board. It is interface with motor driver and a Bluetooth module. The graphical user interface of the Android application will help in easy control of the robot where the communication is via Bluetooth.

ENVIRONMENT SENSING USING SMARTPHONE: Today’s smart phone come with loads of sensors in built. They collect data from their surroundings and this task can be put to a great use. An Android application is developed using micro environment sensing platform where micro environment is the immediate environment of the phone. The application will collect the information from the sensors and makes it available for the use of the developer.

ANDROID MALWARE DETECTION THROUGH MANIFEST AND API CALLS TRACKING: Android is an open source platform and the threats of malware is huge. Some of the malware activities are collection of secure information from the device, remote operation of the device etc. A fast and effective approach is proposed for detecting malware. The approach analyses the manifest file of Android application to extract permission.

SMART ELDERLY HOME MONITORING SYSTEM WITH AN ANDROID PHONE: The aim of this project is to implement a smart elderly home monitoring system. An Android device is used as the tele-health device where a fall can be detected by the 3-axis accelerometer. A GUI is created and acts as a monitoring system. The phone can be connected to internet via WiFi for monitoring purpose and the data is transmitted to the GUI based application.

ANDROID BASED TRACKING APPLICATION-DOPE HUNT: Parent’s concern for child’s safety in today’s world is undoubtedly true. An application is designed which tracks the location of a second party and informs through smart phones via SMS and e-mail is designed. The application also keeps a log of calls and messages. The second party need not be a smart phone.

ANDROID BASED ROBOT IMPLEMENTATION FOR PICK AND RETAIN OF OBJECTS: Terrorism is a serious problem every country is facing. Terrorists and bomb attacks are serious issues. The diffusion of the bomb is a complicated job. The aim of this project is to implement a bomb diffusing robotic arm with which a bomb can be diffused from a distance. The robotic arm is controlled by a microcontroller and the commands to the microcontroller are given using an Android application. 

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